Happy couple celebrating their elopement on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

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The pros of eloping in Puerto Vallarta

Are you knee-deep in the intricacies of wedding preparations, only to find yourself becoming a stranger to the vision you had for your big day? Endless email exchanges with numerous vendors and the tedious task of arranging seating plans, all while being bombarded with unsolicited advice, leave you yearning to retreat and wish for this wedding madness to be over?

Picture this: instead of the chaotic affair, why not opt for an elopement in Puerto Vallarta? By choosing to elope or have an intimate wedding in Puerto Vallarta, you open doors to a plethora of benefits:

  1. Embrace an intimate and genuine experience that truly revolves around you and your connection as a couple.
  2. Wave goodbye to drowning in a sea of mundane to-do lists that seem to lose their significance.
  3. Cherish quality time with the people who truly matter to you.
  4. Say adieu to spending your special day rushing around, engaging in fleeting conversations with distant acquaintances you rarely encounter.
  5. Enjoy the freedom to prioritize your preferences, unburdened by compromises.
  6. Instead of investing months into planning a ceremony based on the wants and needs of others, relish the chance to focus solely on your desires.

So, what is an elopement?

It’s an occasion where you and your partner celebrate your love in a manner that aligns with your preferences, away from distractions and overwhelming crowds.

Eloping offers you the opportunity to focus solely on each other, honoring the vows you make while embarking on a unique adventure in our stunning province. You can choose to embark on this journey with just the two of you and an officiant, or invite a small group of individuals who hold profound significance in your lives.

After all, you deserve to concentrate on what truly matters: the bond you share, your elopement, and nothing else. And the cherry on top? You’ll have a dedicated guide to navigate you through the planning process, ensuring a stress-free and unforgettable intimate wedding experience.

Introducing your Puerto Vallarta elopement photographer—Diego.

Hello there! I’m Diego, your photographer and guide for elopements and intimate weddings in Puerto Vallarta. Count on me to accompany you throughout the elopement journey, assisting you in finding the perfect elopement location, and, above all, capturing your elopement through timeless photography and film.

Planning an elopement in Puerto Vallarta?

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