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We are based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Lisbon, Portugal but available worldwide.

Our photographic style can be described as soft, organic, and classic, using lots of natural light and minimal editing to maintain the natural beauty of your photographs.

We incorporate elements of both photojournalism and traditional photography. This harmonious approach captures your engagement as it unfolds naturally while ensuring we take essential portraits of you as a couple.

The best place to propose is at your hotel. It can be on the beach, a romantic dinner, or you can ask the concierge for alternatives. It can also be in a nice restaurant or on another beach (you can ask us for the best beaches in the area).

We recommend having the photo session in the morning, 1-2 hours after sunrise, or in the evening, one hour before sunset. However, anytime is possible. Ask for specific times as sunrise and sunset change throughout the year.

Normally, one hour is sufficient. If it lasts longer, we can add extra time (at an additional cost).

For a one-hour photo session, we deliver 60 photos selected and edited. For a two-hour photo session, we deliver 120 photos selected and edited.

We recommend light, comfortable beachwear. As an example, women could wear dresses and men could wear linen pants. Neutral colors always look great, such as white/cream, gray, tans, and browns, or pastel colors. Solid colors (rather than prints) allow for a clean, minimal look. Recommend accessories: hats, sunglasses, and scarves.

In one hour, we recommend a maximum of two wardrobe changes. In two hours, there can be up to 3 wardrobe changes.

You will receive photos no later than 7 days after the session. Videos: maximum 14 days after the session.

For photography, we use the Canon R6 and R6 Mark II and Alien Bee lighting equipment. Lenses: 24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8, 50mm 1.4, and 100mm macro 1.4. For video, we use the Sony 7 III, DJI Mavic Pro drone, Ronin RSC2 stabilizer, RODE microphones, and ZOOM H6 audio recorder.

As stated in our cancellation policy, we hold onto the deposit as a cancellation fee. However, you can use the deposit toward a future photoshoot without an expiration date.

We recommend that our clients look for photo inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram and share them with us. That way, we’ll know what kind of photos you like.

Yes! Our in-house videographer provides videography and aerial drone footage.

We prefer to take natural photographs and let you be yourself! We allow couples to flow in the moment and leave it up to us to capture your true essence. However, we will also show you some examples of poses, and provide instructions to capture different moments. Little by little, you will feel very comfortable in front of the camera!

We provide a couple of different options. (1) Surprise photoshoot: We capture the moment hidden in the distance with a zoom lens, and then have a session with the remainder of the time. (2) Planned photoshoot: The most recommended is to schedule a photo session so he/she can prepare for the session. At some point in the session, you can make the proposal and then continue with the photoshoot.

We can remove background objects, adjust lighting, and correct aesthetics. The possibilities are endless but edits are light to maintain the natural beauty of the photograph.