Guía de bodas en el destino de Puerto Vallarta: Sueño (Capítulo 1)

La novia y el novio se sonríen bajo un velo de novia en su boda en Puerto Vallarta

Explore la fase inicial de la planificación de bodas, perfecta para visionarios que disfrutan soñar despiertos y crear tableros de visión.

En este articulo:

I. Getting on the Same Page as Your Partner
II. Crafting Your Dream Wedding Vision Board
III. 5 Mexican-Inspired Wedding Themes
IV. Adding Mexican Flair To Your Wedding

This is chapter 1 of La guía 2024 para planificar una boda de destino en Puerto Vallarta. The visionaries who like to daydream and create vision boards will particularly love this initial phase of the wedding planning process. From imagining your perfect wedding venue to sketching out bridesmaid dresses, envisioning your wedding is the first step in planning it. It’s about making sure everything aligns perfectly in your mind, focusing on the big picture without losing yourself in the details. And most importantly, it’s about being on the same page as your partner to turn this dream into reality. This article is your guide for communicating effectively with your partner, creating a vision board, exploring wedding themes, and gathering ideas for adding a touch of Mexican flair.


Getting on the Same Page as Your Partner

Before you dive into any decisions like choosing a dress or picking out souvenirs, it’s crucial to sync up with your partner. Finding that magical harmony where you both envision walking down the aisle with big smiles (and maybe a few tears) instead of stress lines is key. Below are some simple tips to help you and your partner get on the same page. Remember, you and your partner are the main characters in this beautiful story called marriage. As long as you’re communicating effectively through the twists and turns of wedding planning, you’re destined for a happily ever after!

1. Questions and Exercises: Take turns describing your ideal wedding in detail or create a shared vision board where you both can add images, colors, and ideas. Questions to ask your partner:

  • How do you envision our wedding?
  • What are your top priorities for our wedding?
  • What type of venue do you imagine for our wedding?
  • What are your thoughts on the guest list size?
  • Do you want a small or big wedding?
  • Who do you envision standing by our side?

2. Identify Common Themes & Values:
Look for shared traits in areas such as religion, culture, or environmental consciousness. Understanding each other’s values makes planning easier. For example, spirituality has always been a central component of my relationship with Diego. As we began dreaming of our wedding, we realized we wanted a spiritual ceremony led by a shaman. Even now when we talk about our wedding, we agree this was our favorite moment of the whole night because it was meaningful to both of us.

3. Set Aside Time: Schedule regular “wedding planning dates” where you can sit down together and discuss your vision, priorities, and progress. Ideally, you should schedule your dates when you have mental energy and are free from distractions. For me, this means early in the morning before I start my work day (after my coffee, of course!).

4. Practice Listening & Understanding: Hear each other out without judgment. Listening is essential for a successful partnership. Rather than insisting your partner only see things from your perspective, take the time to ask questions, listen, and truly understand what your partner is saying. Practicing the art of listening may allow you to learn new things about your partner, and, they will truly appreciate the fact that you are hearing what they have to say, and will most likely return the favor.


Crafting Your Dream Wedding Vision Board

A vision board is the epitome of creativity and excitement – which are two of the many feelings you have when dreaming about your perfect wedding! Here’s how to create one:

  • Gather Inspiration: Explore sources like Pinterest, magazines, and wedding blogs for images, colors, and themes that reflect your dream wedding.
  • Choose a Theme: Select a theme that resonates with you and your partner to guide your vision board.
  • Compile Images: Organize your chosen images on a poster board or digital platform, such as Pinterest or Canvas, to create a visual roadmap.
  • Add Texture and Details: Incorporate fabric swatches, ribbon samples, and other tactile elements that match your chosen theme.
  • Personalize It: Include photos or quotes that hold special meaning to you and your partner.
  • Consider Practicalities: Keep budget, venue constraints, and logistics in mind while dreaming big.
  • Review and Refine: Take a look at your vision board as a whole. Ask yourself some questions like; does it capture the essence of my dream wedding? Are there any elements that feel out of place? Take the time to adjust your board until it feels right.
  • Share and Collaborate: Use the vision board as a visual reference to align your visions with your partner’s.


5 Mexican-Inspired Wedding Themes

After a two-year-long engagement, it’s suffice to say I had plenty of time to “dream.” Now, I’m excited to share the wedding ideas that influenced our big day. The following wedding themes are designed by Mexican-based wedding planners and designers and are inspired by Mexico’s beautiful natural environment.

1. Jungle Wedding: Celebrate the connection to Puerto Vallarta’s jungle with an outdoor celebration adorned with foliage, wicker chairs, and hanging macrame lights.

Jungle wedding theme by Los Cabos-based wedding planner Marianna Idirin.
Jungle wedding theme by Los Cabos-based wedding planner Marianna Idirin.

2. Cactus-Inspired Wedding: One could start to design an entire wedding around one element, and that is exactly what a Los Cabos-based wedding designer did with the cactus. 

A cactus-inspired wedding theme by Los Cabos-based wedding planner Marianna Idirin.
A cactus-inspired wedding theme by Los Cabos-based wedding planner Marianna Idirin.

3. Whimsical Garden Wedding: Imagine being surrounded by greenery, white flowers, and baby’s breath to create an ethereal atmosphere. Add hanging chandeliers and candles for an even greater whimsical feeling.

A whimsical garden wedding theme by Mexican wedding planner Olga Seoane, wedding designer Omar Cedillo, and florist Lya Studio.
A whimsical garden wedding theme by Mexican wedding planner Olga Seoane, wedding designer Omar Cedillo, and florist Lya Studio.

4. Tropical Romance Wedding: Embrace a tropical elegant atmosphere with bright oranges and yellows contrasted with neutral tones. 

Tropical wedding theme by Puerto Vallarta-based wedding planner and designer Conceptúa.
Tropical wedding theme by Puerto Vallarta-based wedding planner and designer Conceptúa.

5. Boho-Chic Wedding: A boho-chic wedding theme includes a neutral color palette such as white, gray, tan, and brown and incorporates elements such as macramé and tapestries.

A boho-chic wedding in Puerto Vallarta by luxury destination wedding planner Nirali Shah Events
A boho-chic wedding in Puerto Vallarta by luxury destination wedding planner Nirali Shah Events.


Adding Mexican Flair To Your Wedding

If you’re planning a destination wedding in Mexico, here are some ways to incorporate authentic Mexican elements:

  • Authentic Cuisine: Feature a menu with traditional dishes such as tacos al pastor, mole poblano, and ceviche, with flavorsome salsas and guacamole, and fresh ingredients like cilantro, lime, and chili peppers. Pair with a margarita bar or tequila tasting.
  • Textile Treasures: Decorate with intricate patterns using Mexican textiles like serapes, papel picado, and embroidered fabrics for a festive touch. Think table runners, chair sashes, or vibrant accents throughout the venue.
  • Mariachi Music: Set the mood with lively Mariachi music featuring trumpets, guitars, and violins during the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.
  • Unique Wedding Favors: Give guests gifts inspired by Mexican culture, such as mini bottles of tequila, handmade pottery, or personalized maracas.
  • Mexican Folk Art: Display papel picado banners, clay pottery, and hand-painted ceramics as part of your decor for a unique aesthetic.

Stay tuned for chapter two where we’ll answer the question, “How much does a destination wedding cost in Mexico?” and help you financially plan for one of the biggest financial expenses of your life!


Preguntas frecuentes

1. How do I start planning a destination wedding?
You can start planning a destination wedding by gathering inspiration from blogs and magazines, choosing a wedding theme, compiling images onto a vision board using a platform like Pinterest, and considering practicalities such as your budget.

2. What are common wedding themes for a destination wedding in Mexico?
Common wedding themes in Mexico are jungle weddings, cactus weddings, garden weddings, tropical wedding, and boho-chic wedding.

3. How can I add Mexican traditions to my wedding?
You can add Mexican flair to your wedding by including authentic Mexican cuisine, adding Mexican textiles and folk art to the decor, and hiring a Mariachi band for the reception.

4. How can I get on the same page as my partner during the wedding planning process?
You can get on the same page as your partner by asking questions, taking the time to truly listen and understand each other’s vision, identifying common themes and values, and setting aside undisturbed time for wedding planning meetings.

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