Ultimate Wedding Photography Ideas: From Adding Movement To Photos to Drone Shots

Bridal party on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Unlock wedding photo ideas set against Puerto Vallarta's backdrop. Learn about adding movement to photos, drone aerial photography, and more.


I. Essential Moments to Capture on Your Wedding Day
II. Harnessing Puerto Vallarta’s Natural Beauty for Backdrops
III. Photography Styles: Candid vs. Formal Wedding Photography
IV. The Advantages of a Second Photographer at Your Wedding
V. The Value of a Pre-Wedding Engagement Shoot
VI. Adding Movement to Your Wedding Photos With Props
VII. The Advantages of Drone Aerial Photography
VIII. Wrapping Up: Capturing What Matters in Wedding Photography


If you’ve found yourself here, chances are you’re knee-deep in wedding planning and looking to ensure every moment of your special day is captured flawlessly. This article is tailored just for you. We understand the anticipation, and the eagerness to visualize exactly how your wedding photos will turn out.

Navigating the world of wedding photography can seem daunting, but fret not. By the end of this read, you’ll have a crystal-clear idea of the shots you can expect, understand how to leverage the natural beauty of your venue, and confidently strike those once-in-a-lifetime poses. Dive into the nuances of a photographer’s style, discerning the candid moments from the formal portraits. We’ll also touch upon the game-changing advantages of having a second shooter and why a pre-wedding photoshoot might just be the cherry on top of your photography package.

But that’s not all. Ever thought of adding a dynamic twist to your photos with props or capturing the grandeur of your venue from the skies with a drone? We’re here to broaden your horizons and equip you with unique ideas that can elevate your wedding album to art. Ready to delve into the world of wedding photography ideas? Let’s dive in.

Essential Moments to Capture on Your Wedding Day

Every wedding is a mosaic of countless cherished moments. Knowing which ones to prioritize can be a bit overwhelming, but we’re here to guide you through the key milestones that you might consider documenting. Let’s explore these quintessential moments and some handy tips to make them truly shine. Remember, while these moments are traditionally highlighted, your wedding is uniquely yours. Prioritize what feels right for you and communicate openly with your photographer to ensure your day is captured just the way you’ve always imagined.


1. Getting Ready: The anticipation-filled moments before the ceremony begins. It’s the time when you’re getting your hair and makeup done, stepping into your wedding dress, or adjusting that final cufflink.

Tip: Ensure you choose a well-lit room or space. Natural light does wonders for these shots, lending them a soft, dreamy quality. Have your wedding accessories, like shoes, jewelry, and the bouquet, laid out so they can be captured as well.

2. The First Look: That heartfelt, emotional moment when the couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day, away from the eyes of their guests.

Tip: Choose a quiet, picturesque spot for this intimate moment. Ask friends and family to refrain from taking pictures at this time. Let the raw emotions shine without the interruption of camera flashes.

3. The Ceremony: The heart of your wedding day. From the procession down the aisle to the exchange of vows and rings, to that joyous first kiss as a married couple.

Tip: Consider asking guests to turn off their devices. This ensures your photographer can capture the ceremony without any obstructions. If possible, have photographers positioned at different locations to capture various angles, especially for pivotal moments like the ring exchange.

4. Reception: Post-ceremony, it’s a more relaxed environment where couples usually mingle with guests, take group photos, enjoy speeches, and participate in customary rituals.

Tip: While posed photos are great, candid shots, especially during speeches or dances, can capture the genuine emotions of the day.

5. The Party: As the formalities wind down, it’s time for the dance floor to heat up! This is the celebration, the joyous culmination of your special day.

Tip: Don’t get too caught up in specific poses or shots. Enjoy yourself, and let the photographer capture the unscripted fun. Encourage your photographer to capture a mix – from wide-angle shots of the dance floor to close-ups of the decor and individual guests.

Harnessing Puerto Vallarta’s Natural Beauty for Backdrops

Puerto Vallarta, with its sandy beaches, lush greenery, and cultural richness, offers stunning backdrops for wedding photography. Drawing upon the locale’s natural aesthetics not only accentuates the romance but also captures the essence of a destination wedding in this picturesque Mexican paradise.

1. Beaches: The serene beaches of Puerto Vallarta, where the golden sand meets the azure Pacific, provide a classic and romantic setting. The soft, diffused light during sunrise or sunset casts a warm hue, perfect for intimate shots.

Tip: Aim to schedule beach shots either early morning or late afternoon to avoid crowds, ensuring pristine sands and the best lighting. Allow the wind to play with your hair or let the waves gently lap at your feet for dynamic and candid shots.

2. Natural Greenery: Beyond the beach, Puerto Vallarta is adorned with lush tropical flora. The greenery adds a vibrant splash of color and texture, providing a contrasting backdrop.

Tip: Look for patterns, textures, and the right lighting. For example, tropical leaves, with their intricate patterns, can create an interesting frame for close-up shots. Areas with filtered sunlight through trees or foliage give photos a magical, ethereal quality.

3. Unique Venue Backdrops: Many venues in Puerto Vallarta come with their own unique architectural or decorative elements – be it a rustic hacienda wall, a vibrant mural, or a quaint cobblestone pathway.

Tip: If your venue has a distinct feature, like a fountain or an archway, plan shots around these. A prior visit or consultation with the venue staff can unearth some hidden spots, or your photographer may already be familiar with the venue and its unique offerings. Unique backdrops can be further enhanced by experimenting with perspectives. A low-angle shot against a decorated ceiling or an overhead shot on a patterned floor can make for striking visuals.

Photography Styles: Candid vs. Formal Wedding Photography

In the realm of wedding photography, styles can often be categorized into two primary approaches: candid (or documentary) and formal (or portrait). Understanding the difference between these styles is crucial for brides when choosing a photographer, ensuring that the final photos align with their vision.

1. Candid/Documentary Style: This style is all about capturing spontaneous, real moments as they unfold. The photographer remains unobtrusive, documenting the day’s events without orchestrating them. The result? Genuine reactions, raw emotions, and the day’s essence are preserved in snapshots.

2. Formal/Portrait Photography: Here, the photographer takes on a more directive role. The shots are pre-planned, and subjects are posed. This approach guarantees that essential group shots, couple portraits, and family photos are captured with precision and perfection.

When choosing a photographer, it’s essential to ask about their primary style. Look at their portfolio, discuss your preferences, and determine if their approach aligns with your wedding vision. For example, here at Chas Studios, our emphasis is on soft, organic, and classic images that stand the test of time. We’re all about natural light, ensuring photos retain an authentic look with minimal editing. Our approach seamlessly blends the candidness of photojournalism with the structured beauty of traditional photography. The outcome? A balanced wedding album that not only tells your wedding story as it naturally unfolds but also ensures the day’s most important people are captured in timeless portraits.

The Advantages of a Second Photographer at Your Wedding

When it comes to capturing your wedding day, the notion of a second photographer might cross your mind. While on the surface it might appear as merely an added expense, the depth and breadth it brings to your wedding documentation are profound. Having two photographers ensures comprehensive coverage of your event. While one can focus on the couple during essential moments, the other can seize the candid reactions of the guests, painting a richer narrative of your special day.

This duo approach also brings diverse perspectives to the table, offering a varied mix of shots and angles. It adds efficiency, especially during group shots, ensuring you maximize your celebration time. The simultaneous moments, such as the bride’s entrance juxtaposed with the groom’s reaction, don’t go unnoticed. Moreover, in the unpredictable realm of technology, having a backup in the form of a second lens can be a lifesaver. Above all, a second photographer exponentially increases the chances of capturing those genuine, unplanned moments. In essence, opting for a second photographer isn’t about quantity, but the enriched quality and dimension it brings to your wedding album.

The Value of a Pre-Wedding Engagement Shoot

Before the whirlwind of the wedding day sets in, many couples are now opting for engagement shoots, and the reasons are compelling. An engagement session is not merely a precursor to the wedding; it’s an opportunity to establish a rapport with your photographer. This rapport proves invaluable on the wedding day, allowing for a smoother and more intuitive photography experience.

In the relaxed atmosphere of an engagement shoot, couples and photographers can collaborate, and experiment with different styles, poses, and settings. It’s a chance to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t, refining the process for the actual day. The absence of tight schedules and timelines means you can genuinely immerse yourself in the moment, resulting in more natural, heartfelt shots.

Moreover, the engagement photoshoot is a celebration in itself. It’s an ode to the journey you’ve embarked on together, devoid of the wedding day’s formalities. It offers a chance to capture candid moments in locations that might hold sentimental value or in settings that might not be feasible on the wedding day.

In essence, an engagement shoot serves as both a rehearsal and a cherished standalone memory. It’s an investment in ensuring the wedding day’s photography flows seamlessly, anchored by a mutual understanding between the couple and the photographer.

Adding Movement to Your Wedding Photos With Props

Capturing the essence of your wedding day goes beyond still poses; introducing movement can elevate your shots, infusing them with energy, spontaneity, and emotion. One effective way to achieve this dynamism is through the use of props. Here are some ideas that seamlessly blend props and motion:

Rice or Confetti Toss: A time-honored tradition, the throwing of rice or confetti over the newlyweds as they exit the ceremony venue can make for captivating images. The airborne particles create a sense of motion and festivity, while the couple’s reactions – whether it’s a joyous laugh or a surprised expression – add authenticity.

Veils and Flowing Dresses: A gust of wind or a strategic twirl can set a veil or dress in motion, creating ethereal, dreamlike shots. These flowing elements capture light and movement, adding layers and depth to photos.

Flower Petal Drop: Whether it’s during a first dance or a dedicated photo moment, dropping a cascade of flower petals can be both romantic and visually stunning. The petals, caught in mid-air, evoke a sense of fleeting beauty.

Sparklers: Especially enchanting during evening celebrations, sparklers can introduce dynamic light trails and an atmosphere of celebration. Have guests form a tunnel or circle for the couple to walk or dance through, capturing the swirls of light and joy around them.

Ribbons and Banners: Handheld ribbons or banners, especially during dances or playful moments, can introduce colorful streaks of movement. The fluidity of ribbons can enhance the sense of action and joy in images.

When done right, using props to introduce movement doesn’t just make for dynamic photos; it can encapsulate the very spirit and celebration of your wedding day. Collaborate closely with your photographer, like we do at Chas Studios, to ensure that these elements are incorporated seamlessly, capturing the essence of every moment.

The Advantages of Drone Aerial Photography

In the dynamic landscape of wedding photography, drones are emerging as a game-changer, offering couples an unparalleled bird’s-eye view of their special day. Drones capture not just the close-knit moments of a wedding but place the entire event within the grandeur of its setting. Be it the sprawling expanse of a beachside venue, the intricate patterns of guests seated at a countryside manor, or the majestic overview of urban nuptials, aerial shots provide a holistic perspective often missed by ground-level photography.

The addition of this aerial viewpoint isn’t merely about scale; it introduces a cinematic dimension to your photos. Those sweeping shots, panoramic scenes, and dramatic angles often reserved for films become part of your wedding narrative. While a second shooter delves into alternative ground-level views, the drone’s vantage complements by capturing expansive scenes and hard-to-reach vistas, ensuring your wedding’s visual documentation is both comprehensive and diverse.

When couples choose to integrate drone photography, they’re not just tapping into a contemporary trend; they’re opting for a multi-dimensional portrayal of their wedding. With services like ours at Chas Studios, this blend of intimate and expansive ensures the final photo collection is as rich and varied as the wedding day itself.

Wrapping Up: Capturing What Matters in Wedding Photography

Navigating wedding photography involves several decisions. It starts with determining key moments to document, from initial preparations to the lively party at the end. The choice between candid moments and posed portraits plays a significant role, with each offering its unique touch. Incorporating elements like props can add a dynamic flair, while the broad views from drone shots provide a grander context.

At the core of these choices is the aim to tell a genuine story. At Chas Studios, we focus on that story. Through a combination of natural lighting and minimal editing, we strive to present a clear, authentic reflection of your wedding day, set against Puerto Vallarta’s landscape. Our goal is to capture candid and documentary-style photography throughout the majority of your wedding while creating short time slots to ensure we get the more traditional portraits of the most important people on your big day. We find this balanced approach works best for couples who want candid, genuine moments combined with essential portraits with family and friends. 

Wedding Photography Ideas: FAQs

1. What are the key moments to capture in wedding photography?
From the intimate preparations and the first look to the emotional ceremony and vibrant reception, it’s essential to document a mix of candid and posed shots to comprehensively tell the wedding story.

2. How can I utilize the natural scenery of my wedding location in my photos?
In picturesque locations like Puerto Vallarta, using beaches, historic streets, or panoramic views as backdrops can add a unique touch to your wedding photos.

3. What’s the difference between candid and portrait-style wedding photography?
Candid photography captures spontaneous, in-the-moment shots, often without the subjects being aware. Portrait-style, on the other hand, involves posed shots, where subjects are aware and directed.

4. Why should I consider drone photography for my wedding?
Drone photography offers unique aerial perspectives, showcasing the venue’s grandeur and capturing expansive views that are impossible from the ground.

5. How can props enhance my wedding photos?
Props like rice, flower petals, or sparklers can add dynamic movement and creative flair to your shots, making them stand out.

6. What is the benefit of having a second photographer at my wedding?
A second photographer can capture alternative angles, ensure no moment is missed, and provide a broader range of photos from the day.

7. Why might I consider an engagement shoot?
Engagement shoots offer a relaxed environment to get to know your photographer, practice posing, and capture intimate moments without the time constraints of the wedding day.



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