Puerto Vallarta Wedding Chronicles: Taylor & Diego’s Story

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Join the founders of Chas Studios on their journey planning a Puerto Vallarta wedding. Discover insights, tips, and intimate stories.

Have you ever wondered what goes into planning a wedding? Join us, the founders of Chas Studios, as we navigate the highs and lows of creating our dream Puerto Vallarta wedding. From our intimate conversations about money to the quest for the perfect venue, this wedding chronicle shares our tales and offers invaluable guidance for anyone considering tying the knot in Mexico.



Chapter 1 | A Cross-Cultural Engagement: Delve into the blending of two distinct cultures – Canada and Argentina – as we navigate family dynamics and how our backgrounds influenced our conversations about money.

Chapter 2 | Let’s Elope: Uncover the reasons and emotions driving our decision to elope and its significance in our journey.

Chapter 3 | The Dinner Party That Turned Into A Wedding: The story of an unexpected twist in our celebrations – when a simple dinner party evolved into a full Puerto Vallarta wedding.

Chapter 4 | Venue Scouting: Join us as we search for the right wedding spot in Puerto Vallarta, sharing our top picks and firsthand experiences.

Chapter 5 | Vendor Selection: Discover our handpicked wedding vendor team, including our chef, music, photographer, and videographer (spoiler alert: we used our team!)

Chapter 6 | The Great Dress Hunt: My adventure in finding the right wedding dress(es), the options I explored, and the final choices.

Chapter 7 | Budget & Costs: A transparent breakdown of wedding-related expenses in Puerto Vallarta with local tips.

Chapter 8 | The Guest List: The process and challenges of curating a guest list for an intimate wedding.

Chapter 9 | Marriage Legalities: Join us as we navigate the legal intricacies of marriage in Quebec, Canada, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Chapter 10 | Puerto Vallarta Wedding Reflections: An honest look at the last year of our entire wedding journey — comparing eloping to the wedding, favorite moments, and learning experiences.

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Hi, I'm Taylor, the Creative Director here at Chas Studios. I co-founded a matchmaking company at the age of 16 and have since amassed two decades of experience in the dating and relationship industry. My deep understanding spans critical areas, from the spiritual growth potential within relationships to navigating finances with your partner. In 2017, just two weeks after relocating to Mexico City, I met and fell head over heels for Diego, who was working in the fashion and editorial world at the time. We subsequently moved to Puerto Vallarta and launched Chas Studios, a photography and film house specializing in weddings and events. Now, as we plan our own wedding, we feel a desire to share our journey through this blog series. I invite you to join us and encourage you to reach out with questions, thoughts, or to share your own tales of wedding planning. Connecting with readers enriches our experience!

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