Puerto Vallarta Wedding Chronicles: The Great Dress Hunt (Chapter 6)

Bride slipping into her shoes in the bridal suite on her wedding day
My adventure in finding the right wedding dress, the options I explored, and the idea to have a pink outfit change for the party!

I always liked the idea of being ultra fashionable. I dreamt of having a large walk-in closet with outfits upon outfits that I could slip on and instantly feel like a million dollars. But, in reality, fashion was never a priority. I visited high-end boutiques and cool pop-up shops while living in NYC and Mexico City, buying one or two things that I instantly fell in love with. I had a certain style and rarely steered away from it. Even though I never considered myself a girly girl, I always loved skirts and dresses. I loved how comfortable and free I felt compared to a constrictive pair of jeans. When I moved to Puerto Vallarta, my dresses and skirts multiplied, while I stored my pants and jackets in a hidden part of the closet. When I visited Tulum and Sayulita, I fell in love with the “boho-chic” style and filled my closet with wide-leg pants and maxi dresses.

When I began thinking about my wedding dress, I knew I wanted something simple yet elegant and beautiful. ‘Less is more,’ I thought. I imagined a dress with a simple white top and a skirt with pastel or gold-colored lace and flowers. Since Puerto Vallarta has limited shopping options, I took a quick flight to Guadalajara and stayed at a hotel inside the Andares Shopping Mall located in Zapopan. After spending what seemed like an eternity, I stumbled upon the store BCBG. I never associated wedding dresses and BCBG, since it is where I used to buy my party dresses in high school, but I wandered inside, out of nostalgia if nothing else. To my surprise, the store had an entire corner full of beautifully simple yet elegant wedding dresses. One dress had caught my eye in particular: it had a simple white top and a white and gold-colored lace and flower skirt. I had found my wedding dress.

I wore this dress at our elopement in Quebec, Canada. Running around the chateau, the dress was perfectly comfortable yet made me feel like a princess. I loved it. However, when our dinner party turned into a second wedding in Puerto Vallarta, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of wearing the same dress. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of wearing a wedding dress at all. It was supposed to be a party, after all. I wanted a party dress. Again, immediately I had a vision of what I wanted: a pink mini-dress. This idea shocked me more than anyone, considering I didn’t own one piece of pink clothing in my closet. But I knew that sometimes changing your style can change the way you feel, and I had a recent revelation that I wanted to connect more with my feminine and sensual side. So, it was decided that I would wear a pink mini-dress.

The inspiration for my party dress

Again, with Puerto Vallarta’s limited shopping options, I turned online to a website called revolve.com. They have an amazing selection of high-quality dresses, and they ship to Mexico within a few days. After about an hour (they have A LOT of options!), I finally found “the one”: a pink mini-dress from the brand NBD.

The party dress I bought on revolve.com

It was perfect except for the fact that it was strapless, and I knew I wanted more security, especially since I would be dancing all night. When it arrived, I took it to the fabric store Parisina in downtown Puerto Vallarta, found straps that matched the color perfectly and had a local tailor named “Luisa” sew them on. I completed the look with a pair of Cinderella shoes and pearl earrings.

In the end, I ended up wearing my white wedding dress again, but only for the spiritual ceremony. I thought I might feel awkward wearing a bright pink Barbie dress while the shaman smudged us with Palo Santo. After the ceremony, I ran into the bridal room and threw on the pink dress just in time for photos. I loved the dress. It made me feel feminine, fun, and flirty, with all of the right energy to dance all night under the stars with my best friends and husband!

View photos of my wedding ceremony and reception dresses:

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