Puerto Vallarta Wedding Chronicles: Vendor Selection (Chapter 5)

Wedding officiant preparing for a spiritual ceremony at Terra Noble in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Discover our handpicked wedding vendor team, including our officiant, chef, music, and photographer (spoiler alert: we used our team!)

After selecting our wedding venue, Terra Noble, our vendors seamlessly fell into place. Opting for a venue aligned with our style had its perks: they assisted in curating the rest of our wedding dream team. Furthermore, with over four years in the Puerto Vallarta wedding photography industry, we have established relationships with many vendors. Here’s a glimpse into the details!

Wedding Furniture & Tableware: Mobiliario PV

Recommended by Terra Noble, Mobiliario PV offered an array of tables, chairs, plates, glasses, silverware, placemats, and flower centerpieces. All of the options made it a bit overwhelming, but it was reassuring knowing that everything they offered was high-quality, and really, you couldn’t make a bad decision. We opted for a white and gold theme which turned out beautifully. On the day of the wedding, they showed up on time and made sure we were happy with how everything looked. Super nice team and everything looked beautiful!

Wedding Officiant: Native Ceremonies

Knowing we wanted to have a spiritual ceremony, we worked with an officiant named Tonatiuh Garcia Mendez from Native Ceremonies. Diego worked with him at one of his first wedding photography jobs in Puerto Vallarta over four years ago. A Native Wedding Ceremony is a spiritual event based on Native American traditions. It symbolizes the union of day and night, sun and moon, earth and sun, male and female, the duality of the universe coming together as one, and a reflection of a couple’s inner spirituality and beliefs. Gathered with all of our friends and family, the officiant led us through a series of native traditions while perched atop Terra Noble’s terrace overlooking the entire Banderas Bay. It was one of my favorite moments of the whole night. 

Wedding Photographer & Videographer: Chas Studios

Choosing our in-house team at Chas Studios for photos and video, we enlisted photographer Minerva, videographer Freddy, and drone pilot Daniel. I knew I already loved their work so it was awesome being able to enjoy the process knowing that I would love the outcome. It was also cool to see how they work from the perspective of the bride. I loved how I didn’t even notice they were there, except for a couple of moments when they needed to step in and direct the situation for the best possible photos. I loved that they did this. It showed they knew how to take initiative when needed but they also knew how to blend into the environment and just let everyone enjoy the moment. Thank you to our team for perfectly capturing our special day (photos and video coming soon!)

Chef & Bartenders: Cosmica Cocina

We already knew we were going to work with Chef Massi from Cosmica Cocina which has become one of our favorite local restaurants. Massi is a great guy, super easy to work with, and an amazing chef. Originally from France, he moved to Puerto Vallarta a couple of years ago to open a Mexican-French fusion restaurant. Together with Massi, we created a menu that offered two main plates: a vegetarian lasagne and a beef and potato casserole, along with dips and pita bread as appetizers and a chocolate mouse as dessert. Everything would be served buffet-style concluding with tacos at 11:00 pm. He would also bring two of his bartenders who would manage the open bar. Ultimately, the food was incredibly delicious, and the bartenders crafted delectable cocktails, with the Paloma (tequila with fresh grapefruit juice) as the guest’s favorite. We were really happy with Massi and his team.

Live music & DJ: Roda De Samba & Mau Lemus

Terra Noble recommended a DJ named Mau Remus. We created a Cumbia and Samba-inspired playlist and sent it to him so he had an idea of the style of music we liked. In total, we sent him around 3 hours of music and figured he could create some cool music for the other 2 hours (we hired him for 5 hours in total). I was a bit disappointed in the other music he played and in retrospect, I wish we would have hired a live music band in addition to the DJ. I had the idea to have a live samba band and found a group called Roda De Samba located in San Pancho. It’s a group of about 8 people who play a style of samba where they sit in a circle in the middle of everyone and invite the guests to dance around them. I think having this type of live music can add a lot of energy to the party. 

Hair & Makeup: Paloma Garcia Salon

My friend recommended Paloma Garcia Salon for our hair and makeup. They showed up to the venue early and ready to get started which I always appreciate. Paloma is a true makeup artist. I was really happy with how she created a very natural, dewy effect for my skin and a more dramatic look for my eyes, balancing it out with a pinkish nude lip. It was perfect. Her hairstylist created a curly half-up boho hairstyle, complete with a delicate flower crown. She also did my nails with a soft pink polish. I couldn’t have been happier with how I looked!

In the end, Diego and I were really happy with how everyone within our wedding team worked together. We felt that the process was smooth and everyone was communicative. Stay tuned for the wedding photos and video!

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